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How to Winterize Before Winter

Written with the Beginner In Mind


How to Drain/Winterize Your Hot Tub

Your Hot Tub was designed to drain well when you use the built-in drain. But several areas may not drain as well as it should so you need to give them attention.

First, Drain the spa and remove the remaining water inside the footwell of the hot tub. The footwell is simply where your feet go when you are in the spa. Its the lowest point of your spa with easy access. Remove as much water as you can. This typically drains most/all of the piping.

Second, depending on your hot tub, you have 1-4 pumps to be concern about. On each pump loosen the front fitting where the pump mates with the hot tub plumbing. On some pump/wetends you will see a drain plug on the bottom of the pump face. By loosing this plug it allows remaining water to drain inside the pump/wetend. Failure to drain your wetend can result in a damaged wetend. Water expands when it freezes and this can crack you pump/wetend.

On spas with a smaller circulation pump you have to pull the hose off the front of the pump. There will still be water in many pumps so if the weather is cold in your area, a wet vacuum can be used to suck the remaining water out of the pump.

Third, the heater. Loosen one or both fittings to the heater to allow the water to drain. If you find no water dripping out when you loosen, wiggle the hose/connection to break a possible seal to allow water to drain.

Many homeowners will take their wet vacuum to each jet and suction fitting on the water side and suck any remaining water out of the piping. This or blowing air into the fitting is what a professional hot tub service company will do.

Finally, visually look at the lower piping of your spa to imagine if all the water is drained. If you can see where the water would drain to, you should be good to go. A common area for the water NOT to drain are manifolds that are flat on the bottom pan of the hot tub. You must allow the water to drain these manifolds or they will crack when the weather gets cold.

Antifreeze: There is available to the service company a product that is basically antifreeze for the hot tub. This is used liberally to fill areas that might have water remaining to lesson the change of freezing. IF you purchase such a product make sure its made for Hot Tubs/Swimming Pools.


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