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ShieldYour security and trust in our company and website is important to us.

That is why we offer the trust factors listed below.

Some have asked why we don't have "hacker" scanning done on our website. Simple reason: we do not keep any of your private information on the site. (In fact we don't even have that information in our office. When you place your order, the credit card information is kept at Paypal.

When you checkout, you go to Asecurecart which is certified Norton Secured website and is a Secure Site. You know that when you are asked personal information the web page says https, the "s" meaning secured. Your information goes to Paypal which is a Verisign secured site. Only Paypal has any sensitive personal information on you. We don't;  Asecurecart doesn't.  You have the internet leader protecting your information. Since we don't have that information, we don't have to have hacker protection.

All Payments are Processed through Super Safe PayPal

Privacy Policies

We explain our polices. We apply the Golden Rule to your information like we would want with our information.