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Jacuzzi Whirlpool Hot Tubs 1983-2001 used different types of pumps in their hot tubs. The first generation prior to 1993 is WHITE and the pump is a sealed system. So basically you have the wetend or pump attached to the motor. The motor can be any color.

The second generation starting 1993 was a BLACK pump called the "J" or "K" pump and individual parts could be replaced.

In late 90's they added both a circulation pump and a Piranah pump to their hot tubs.

Since 2002 Hot Tubs have used different generations of their JPS/JHT pump.


The White Pump attaches to the middle front of the pump (suction) and discharges out the top. The existing plumbing has a glued in flange in most configurations with some using a flange at the suction and a rubber hose on the discharge. We include a replacement flange free with gaskets with replacement pumps.

The rating of the white pumps is usually labeled on the front of the pump by a sticker. You can also guess the rating by the amount of jets and which pump motor is used. You can use a large sized motor with a lower size pump but you can attached a large hp pump to a lower hp motor. It will cause a failure of the motor.

Many White Pumps have a vent or drain pipe attached to one of the plugs on the front of pump.


J Pump K Pump

The Black Pump used from 1993 to 2001 in whirlpool hot tubs. We only sell the kit instead of individual parts because in makes plain sense to us because of field experience. So often trying to replace individual parts require several attempts guessing what has failed. We use the shotgun method in fix pump leaks.

Like the white pumps, the Black Pump is match to the motor size. The 1 and 2 hp "J" pump use the same parts except for different impellers thus getting different hp. The 3hp "K" pump uses a different pump bracket or the the main body and a large impeller and a pump face or volute where the plumbing attaches to the middle of the pump face. The 1 and 2hp pump face has a snout nose.



The White pump uses a flange that is glued to the hot tub's plumbing. This flange then bolts to the pump with a gasket between the parts and tighten to snug.

The Black pump has specially designed patented "union fittings". They eliminate the flange and make mounting the pump to the plumbing easier with more tolerance. But these unions are special design and not interchangeable. When attaching the pump to the plumbing make sure you only tighten the union to hand snug. Putting a wrench on the union will only make the likelihood of breaking the fitting greater. If hand tightening won't stop the leak then likely the union isn't fully tighten. Wiggling the area while tightening should do the trick.

Circulation Pumps:

The Pinnacle in 1997 introduced using a circulation pump and was on continuously. They used in on the Pinnacle, Triton, some Quantum Plus models, and a few others. The benefit with having the circulation pump running 24 hours was also to allow the ozonator to operate and therefore keep the water clean.

These late production models used 2 styles of circulation pumps. They are easy it ID. The older generation used a pump/motor just slightly smaller than the other pump/motors. The later generation of hot tubs used a small circulation pump about the size of a large soup can.

Since 2003:

With the "J" series model hot tubs began using the JPS/JHT pump shown. Most common is the 2.5hp for 230v models and 1.5hp for 115v models. In 2009 they removed the foot or bracket of the motor and replaced with a reusable bracket. This allows for a lot of minor tweaks and one style fits all. In 2009 they also added a modified JPS/JHT wetend and a new 56 frame pump and motor.

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