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the Basics:  
How Does My Hot Tub Heat? Click Here
How Do My Jets Work? Click Here
How Do I Wire The Cord To: 115v 2 Speed Motor
230v 1 Speed Motor
230v 2 Speed Motor


the Components:

Boards The "brains" of the hottub
Filters  Cleans organics and dirt out of your hot tub.
Heaters Not a Hot Tub without
Pressure/Flow Switches Tells the "brain" when its OK to heat.
Pumps Moves the water
Pump Motors Moves the Pump
Sensors Tells the "brain" what the water's temperature is
Topside How you control the hottub

What is this for?



Things Inside Your Control Box:

Control Box Clicks

What Does It Mean?

Jumpers on PCboards

What Do They Do?



Plumbing Help


How to Repair


How to Glue


How to Plumb a Jet



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