Jumper Tutor


MOST pcboards have jumpers. Jumpers tell the board what components or model you are installing this board into. Manufacturers make a board that might have many model applications. Besides the chip programming, it can also have jumpers you have to set.

You LIKELY will need to compare the old and new board's jumper settings.

To do so, first look for your jumpers.

See help identifying jumpers Here.

Jumpers can also tell the board what calibration of temperature you wants and other important facts.

Looking from the side, these 2 jumpers look like this:

As shown, the jumper on the left connects the center wire and the wire on the far left. The jumper on the right connects the center wire and the jumper on the far right. This would tell the board voltage and filter cycle. If you had different needs, you would move the jumper and connect the center wire and the other wire.

On MOST Hot Tub boards there are only TWO wires (not the 3 shown above). In these cases, if the 2 wires are connected by the jumper, it means one thing. If the 2 wires are not connect at all, another.


Setting your jumpers is critical. So matching the new board to the old is critical.

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