Balboa Systems Used 1994-2002 go through a series of "CLICKS"

Often, you can tell what is wrong by where the clicks stop when your hot tub's power is turned on. Here's how:


>> Click ONE: When you first turn on main power the board will go "click". That is good. If NOT, check the following:

--Incoming Power. You MUST use a meter. If you are running on 110-120vac, you should have that voltage on the black and white wire connected to the board. If not, incoming power has failed, not the hot tub. If yes, check the fuses. You must do this with power OFF and the meter set to OHMS. If fuses are fine and power is fine, then the board is damaged and needs to be replaced. If you have 220-240vac, check the power across the HOT incoming lines. You should have a reading on your meter of 220-240vac. If -0-, one or both of your electrical legs has failed.


>> You DO get Click One but NOT Click TWO

Between click one and two the board is doing a self check and also the sensors and pressure switch. If any of these fail, you will not get Click Two. If you get only get the first click turn off incoming power. Identify the pressure switch. It screws into the heater and has 2 wires coming off of it. Unplug ONE wire. Power up again. If you to the second CLICK, the pressure switch has failed; replace. If still nothing, it leaves one of the sensor or the board is at fault. MOST likely its the sensors. Contact us for more help.


>> You DO get Second Click but nothing happens

The second CLICK is the low or #1 pump coming on. If nothing happens, then most likely the pump motor has failed. What can also fail is the fuse or the board. To check the fuse, turn off main power. Set meter your meter to OHMS and check the 20, 25, or 30a fuse. IF it has blown, MOST LIKELY one of the motors is bad and blowing that fuse. But you can buy a fuse locally and see if the fault returns. Fuses can weaken and simply replacement of the fuse solve the problem for a time.

If the fuse is OK, change the meter to VOLTS above 300vac. Turn on hot tub. When you hear the Second Click, check the voltage to the white/black leads to the motor. Low is white and black wires. If you DO have proper voltage, you confirm the pump motor is bad; replace.

If you do NOT have voltage at the pump motor but DO hear the second Click, then the board has failed.


>> DO get Second CLICK and pump comes on but do NOT hear Third CLICK

The third click is the heater being turned on. One of two things has happened; the pressure switch isn't allowing the heater to come on or the board has failed. See Pressure Switch and Heater TUTOR for help testing the pressure switch and heater.


>> Lastly, the FOURTH CLICK

That is the ozonator turning on.


No Click; board, fuse, or incoming power.

Only One Click: Pressure switch, sensors, or board.

Only Two Clicks: Motor, pressure switch, or board.

Three Clicks but no heating: pressure switch, heater, or board.

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