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Pump/Motors for Piranha, Triton, and Very Late Platinum Series


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Jet Pump/Motor for Piranha, Triton, and Late Platinum Models With:

The original brand 3hp pump/motor is no longer in production. We offer the following equal replacements:
Pump/Wetend ONLY Motor Only Pump/Motor Complete
3hp Spa Pump Motor Only 3hp Generic Pump/Motor Complete
97-360 92-203 92-210
Generic 3hp Pump; Fits Existing Motor GENERIC 3hp, 1sp; 220v Motor Only Generic 3hp Pump and Motor
$275.00 Free Shipping
$329.00 Free Shipping
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Some Platinum models have circulation pumps. The early Pinnacles originally had a "Mighty Mite" pump (seen left) that changed to a larger circulation pump (seen middle).  If your model has the larger circ pump already, the 2500-259 is the proper replacement. If you have a model with a smaller BLACK circulation pump used since 2001 that sits just below the control box on the front door access, then you need the 6500-035.

  Circulation Pump: Pinnacle, Triton, and Late Production Platinum Hot Tubs 

93-540 2500-259 6500-035  6000-125
Used in early Pinnacle Models Replacement of Early Models Late Pinnacle, Triton, and Late Platinum Models
115v; 1/16hp
Uses couplings to attached to plumbing.
Pump/Motor Complete 230v; 1/16hp
Laing Circ Pump; 220-240v; 1/16hp
Connects to Soft Piping by Barb.
NOTE: Must splice electrical cord to existing. Does not come with plug.
$239.00 Free Shipping
$236.00 Free Shipping
$224.00 Free Shipping


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Union to Install Above Pump to Plumbing (except Tiny Might and 6000-125)
These are NON JWB Unions
OEM Rubber Footing For Pumps:
Nuts NOT Included
After Market Motor Padding
2" Pump Union Gasket 1.5" Union 2" Union 

These are the rubber mounts many pumps sit on that cushion the pump/motor to lower vibration.

19-018 90-230 90-231  2570-090 90-101
$2.49ea $10.50ea $10.90ea  $3.99ea $5.95ea


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