Our Customers in Hawaii, Alaska, and USA Territories:

a. Usually shipping cost to you has an extra surcharge. We pass on the added shipping cost. Because your order is secure, we have no way to "just add it on" so we must contact you after the order is made IF shipping to you will be higher than the shown amount. We will give you the price and if you wish to continue the order, bill your card. If not, cancel or modify the order as you direct.


b. Extra surcharges to you normally do not apply to orders under 3 lbs since they are shipped USPS Priority and no added charge is normally applied to those weights. On orders over that such as filters, pumps, and motors, a surcharge is likely. But will will contact you before continuing.


c. For motors, we want to offer this warning: Because orders shipped are usually shipped by air, these boxes get tossed around. This shipping can damage the motor internally that won't be apparent initially, but can cause the motor/pump to fail prematurely. Often its wiser to buy locally if you can for motors that have been shipped by ground to a local dealer. Remember, motors have a 90 day warranty from date of purchase.


d. Please contact us if you have any questions.


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