1983-1993 1994-2002 2002-Present Gatsby Spas Spa Siding



Clear Creek Spas combines all hot tubs built by year.

1983-1993 1994-2002 Gatsby Spas 2002-Present

Older SCM spas built

Electronic Hot Tubs

Electronic spas built by the Gatsby Division

Current "J" model spas built since 2002

Using These Typical Topsides


 Below Our Logo is an expandable "Parts" dropdown list. Note that this dropdown list ONLY is relevant to parts used on the particular model year you are currently on. Example: If you are the 2002 to Present section (Tab is Green) its for models built after 2002, the PARTS link will ONLY show parts related to those models. If you have a model like the Z-150, you need to change to the "1994-2001" division of our site.

If you have a different generation, say built 1994-2001, simply click on Tab on top of page and enter that section of our website. (Noticed now the 1994-2001 Tab is Green

 Directly below our logo on most pages is a search option. This search feature searches our  part pages. You can search part number or part names to help you find the part you are looking for.
Hint: If you Search general word like "Filter" you will see listings for filters from all generation and models of spas. The more specific you are, the more focused the results.


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