• Retrofit Your H136, H276, R574, R576, Select, or Platinum Series

Replace Old Jacuzzi Whirlpool with Current Technology

Platinum Control
Select and Platinum

This was first gen units built by Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath. The model may have one or two jet pumps. Some have an air blower as a third component.
Our C6 Bottom Heater is a great replacement.

H136 and H276

Unit used on Jacuzzi Whirlpool's Z-Series.
Easy to ID because the topside had a DIAL temperature control.
Our C6 will replace this control box and includes a new Digital Topside.

R574 and R576

Used by Jacuzzi in late Z-Series that had a digital topside.
The C6 works perfectly in this units place.

The Z series spas are fairly easy to retrofit with a little help. There are several things you likely will need to do to make your "old" spa new.
We walk you through the whole process with HELP specific for you and your spa.
The end result will be years of enjoyment for the spa you love. 
We actually recommend the Bottom Heater Unit. In most cases this is perfect and oddly enough, the lowest cost.  

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United Control

We only carry the United Controls systems because they have proved to be of the highest quality, full featured, and a company that hasn't become so oversized it ignores its customers. We expect you will have the same experience. 

United C6

Each C6 Kit comes with:

> The main control C6 box complete
> Digital Topside
> Topside Cord
> AMP cord for Jet pump #1
> Necessary sensor(s)
> Specialize instructions for YOU
> Corded 4kw Flow Thru Heater

  • This is what you will get
  • Our control systems are a complete system that brings you firmly into the 21st Century. Fully electronic. Ease of install. Configures to almost any style of hot tub.
  • We offer units that covers most configurations. We include a personalize help that will make your installation easier. Our customers report full installation in a morning's work.
  • Each unit comes with a factory warranty of one full year. Even out of warranty we stick with you with a fully inventory of repair parts and tech help.
  • Our topside control gives you a host of configurations. You can set time to start filter cycle, how long, and how many times. You can flip the digital readout so everything is easier to read while in the spa. And a great feature is you can lock out topside from anyone changing the temperature you set.
  • The control box is plastic and built to last. If you purchase more cords separately they are color coded. As shown, the cords and wiring are easy to identify on the C6.
  • You get a manual for installation of the C6 kit and a manual for your new topside. And we are always a text message away.

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