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C-5 for SCM Mechanical Spas


What is a SCM System? SCM stands for "System Control Module". It will have either a brown or blue control box. The most common have a topside that looks like:

Commonly used up to 1994 when they migrated to fully electronic system. The SCM have a separate heater (connected by a cord), flow switch, and topside with mechanical bellows.
This designed was discontinued in 1994.

Your SPA will either have One Jet Pump, Two Jet Pumps, One Jet Pump and Air Blower, or Two Jet Pumps with Air Blower. Consider each pump or blower as a component. you will end up with 1, 2, or 3 components. You simply need to order what you have. The control system is universal and only needs to be "programmed" to match your spa. We do the component programming before shipping to make your installation easier BUT you can do it yourself and any time to change components.

Replace Your SCM with Current Standard
ONE WEEK LEAD TIME --CR Control with T7 Topside

Our Clear Creek Spas C-5 control box is the perfect replacement for your SCM Blue Control Box.

The C-5 operates on either 120 or 240vac. It operates up to 3 components. Most of the SCM modules have 2 One Speed Pumps and some also have an Air Blower. CAUTION: The old SCM modules have a GFCI attached to the control box or cord for safety. The new control systems do not have this feature. So you WILL be required to install a 115v or 230vac GFCI protected electrical source to power this unit and the components. IF all your components are all 220-240vac, you can bring a 50a GFCI protected circuit to the control box. If you have ANY 110-120vac components, you will have to bring a 50a 4 wire GFCI protected line to the spa. Electrical entry into the control box is on the LEFT side of the box. If you have a 115/120v GFCI cord style model you usually can reuse the old cord.

NOTE: The older models use a 115vac cord to the mood light assembly. There is a transformer on the light assembly that lowers the 115vac to 12vac. Our unit ALREADY reduces the light to 12vac. So you can remove the transformer and cord on your existing light assembly and used  our new light assembly included with this kit.

All kits come with a new mood light assembly and cord.

Your kit will come with a large digital topside shown above. See link below topside picture to review size of topside.


New style heater which has common, low cost replacement
Must Install New Cords Included.
Require replumbing to accommodate current standards
New control box that will include new plugs and sockets.
You Will Need to Add a GFCI Protected Electrical Source

w/large topside and operates up to 3 components

C-5 w/Large Topside and Heater
What Will a Retro Kit Do For Me?
a. State of the art control systems.
b. Digital Temp Readout on the topside.
c. Automatic and Programmable filter cycles
d. Freeze Protection.
e. Topside Failure Codes
f. Current and future parts availability.


How We Will Help
If you can supply us with digital pictures, we will analyze what you will have to do to
your spa to make it ready to retro-fit.
This is where we can help... and it's free.
We can explain what you need to do and how intensive it will be.
You do need to add a GFCI. GFCI means ground fault circuit interrupt. It is mandatory for safety and
code reasons. These can be purchased at hardware stores or installed by a
licensed electrician.
Send your photos to spageeks@clearcreekspas.com so we can help. We can
walk you through what you need to do on systems you purchased from us... and it's free.


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