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C-5 Control System

Select Series

As the models of a spa ages, their parts become harder to find or more expensive. "Select" series is such a spa.

We highly recommend you consider the following "retrokit". The C-5 will replace your complete control box. You will not need to replace the cords because they use the same cords. New temp sensor comes with the kit. So what you will do is replace the topside with new topside shown which will actually give you more options. You WILL have to make a platform or brackets to mount your C-5 on the vertical column your current box is mounted on. The heater is the same length and size so that is easy. So you will have a new topside, control box, and heater. And these parts will be available for years to come.

Clear Creek's C-5 System    
ONE WEEK LEAD TIME --CR Control with T7 Topside
T8s Topside
T7s Topside

Our Clear Creek Spas C-5 control box is the perfect replacement for your older SELECT Series Electronic Control Box.

It operates 1 to 3 components. Most of the older JWB Select spas have 2 One Speed Pumps. The control box incoming electrical entry is on the upper RIGHT side of the box.

Existing mood light assembly and cord can be reused.

Your kit will come with either the standard T7s digital topside or optional larger T8s digital topside.  See Topside Features

We program the unit to match your spa needs. When checking out we will ask you a series of questions. This is the information we will program into this unit. If you ever need to "reprogram" the control box instructions on how to do it are included.

Once operational you will have a complete level of programming you can do to have the unit operate just like you want.


When Checking out, do NOT request any extra cords. You can reuse your existing cords unless they are damaged.




What Will This Kit Do For Me?
a. All kits use current circuit board technology.
b. All kits have Digital Temp Readout on the topside.
c. Automatic filter cycles
d. Freeze Protection.
e. Topside Failure Codes
f. Current and future parts availability.

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