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Replace Your Control System - - Electronic

Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath hot tubs switch from control systems made by Balboa to their own systems in 2002.

Most models in this circa have failed components and not the shell or jets or even pump/motors. All too often homeowners find that simple repair parts for their electronic controls are either very costly or not even available.

Our C5 control from United Controls is the solution.

The C5 adapts to almost any setup you have. Customers often report in only took a couple hours for them to replace their old control system and now have state of the air electronic controls that will last many years to come. And have a full inventory of repair parts.

Our recommendation is if you are happy with your hot tub, consider seriously replacing your old system with our C5. We have extensive knowledge of the Jacuzzi brand spas and ease of installing a new system. If you send us pictures of your current topside and equipment area we will give you an honest evaluation on how hard it will be. We will recommend only what you need. Give you written HELP specific for you application to install the new unit. And then we are available even on weekends to answer your questions via text.

Our most popular bottom mounted heater and standard topside is only $478.00 including shipping to lower 48.

Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath's Most Common Electronic Systems 1994-2002
Option A Option A for these models are our most popular and best priced.

You get the C5 control box with new 15" heater. The T7s topside is included but you can upgrade to the T8s. The temperature sensor, housing if necessary, topside cord, and Pump 1 cord are included. If you have a Pump 2 your existing pump cord will work with this control.
Other options available at checkout. This control will replace all of the above.

It can operate on either 115v or 230v. All components can also operate on either voltage. 
Option B Option B is a specialize designed to make the heater easier to install on spas where the plumbing is rigid or a corded application make install easier. Its the same as Option A with a corded heater, pressure switch, and OH sensor as shown.
If comes with the C5 and corded heater, T7s topside, temperature sensor and housing, Pump 1 cord, and topside cord. Other options available at checkout.
It can operate on either 115v or 230v. All components can also operate on either voltage.
NOTE: We do not recommend Option B on spas with only ONE 2 speed pump. The low pressure on low speed can require tweaking the pressure switch to operate correctly. On spas with TWO jet pumps this option works perfectly.


 Jacuzzi Whirlpool Common Late Production Low Flow System
  This choice is specifically for hot tubs operating with a LOW FLOW 24/7 circulation pump. The heater is designed to operate with a low pressure pump. If your spa has a small circulation pump this is likely the unit you need. Contact us and we will make sure.
This option includes the control box and heater attached as shown OR separate corded heater.
It includes the T7s digital topside, topside cord, and both Pump 1 and Circ Pump cord. Other options available at checkout.

It can operate on either 115v or 230v. All components can also operate on either voltage. 
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     Just How Easy Is It?
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     Topside Choices: 
T7s Or T8s T7s Topside T8s Topside
Choose between Style topsides.
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  New Control System



Ease of Installation

Uses AMP plug/socket also used by many old systems. If you have AMP plugs likely you can reuse most existing cords

Must install new digital topside

Install new temp sensor included on some models.


1 Year From Date of Purchase

Quality of Components

21st Century Generation


Fully functional digital topside

Component Cords

Pump 1 Cord Included - Others purchased separately

New Electronic Topside


New Heater

Yes Most Systems

Free Install Instructions



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Repair Parts

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Installation Help

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Warning: Although these systems are designed for ease of installation, not everyone is qualified to install.


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