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Replace Your Control System - - Electronic

The Gatsby Division of Jacuzzi Whirlpool was closed down 2004.
Many even most parts are still available but the control box is not.
Replacement box and pcboard stopped being available because the original manufacturer stopped making them.

Because of this, we offer you these options:
 Option 2


Replace the entire electronic controls including control box, digital topside, and sensors C5 compare 

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 Option 2


Send us your control box and topside and we will remove the internals and replace with current 21st Century components and digital topside touchpad
GatsbyControlOldOpen   1044 Rebuilt
From This To This

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Option 3 $468+  Control Box and Digital Topside ONLY.
You must have necessary pump and free standing heater.
Comes with heater cord.
C5 with Cord  More

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  All Options Will Give You The Following:
Touchpad Digital Display

Set Standard or Economy: Standard keeps the spa at the temperature you set it for. On Economy level the spa will only heat when the unit is filtering. Many find this setting in Summer keeps their spa cooler.

Choose 1 or 2 filter cycles per day

Choose the duration of filter cycle.

Choose to have the board "buzz" when buttons are pushed or silent.

Topside Choices

T7s Topside T8s Topside
Choose between Style topsides.
See Compare Topsides
Compare the Options
Option 2  Option 2  Option 3 
C5 compare  1044 Rebuilt  C5 with Cord 




C5 Units with included heater. Start with new parts.  

We Rebuild YOUR control box with same new components used in C5 

Everything Like Option 1 without a new heater but WITH a heater cord and pressure switch cord. 

Comes with standard Jet Pump 1 cord. C5 for low flow heater includes free circ pump cord.

Use all of your old cords.

Includes all cords you need. 

Instructions SPECIFIC for installing and programming YOUR New Control.

Option 2 

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Option 2   More Information
 Option 3  More Information 

Available Repair Parts

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Warning: Although these systems are designed for ease of installation, not everyone is qualified to install.

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