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Replace Your Control System - - Electronic


Separate Canister Heater
With Heater Attached


    A clearcreekspas.com Exclusive!


repair your control system with the least amount of trouble !

Send Us Your Old Control Box! We Will Update Your Old Box and Return Your Old Box With New Electronics and Digital Touchpad Topside

Get a Fully Operational Digital Spa Control System In Your Old Control Box


FIRST, you send us your OLD control box, topside, and cord. We will take your old control system, strip the failed board and related components out of it. 

Note: On some controls there is a heater attached to the control box. We replace the heater element on those models.

Example Failed Control


Result of stripping leaves us with an empty box with socket wires and old incoming power terminal. Everything else is discarded. 

Remove Failed Component



What's OLD in Your "New" Rebuild Control Box?
A. Same pump connectors to plug right in.
C. Same place to connect your power source.
E. Same Heater connection.
What's NEW in Your "New" Rebuild Control  Box?
B. New digital control board with new features
D. New transformer
Not Shown: New Sensors.
Not Shown: Many program options.
New Digital Topside

T7s Topside

OR T8s Topside

Same Control With New Components

Please Note that we usually can NOT rebuild the control to the right with TIMER on cover, air bellow switches, and independate relays inside the control box. We need to determine this on a case by case basis. Send a picture of the front of your control box, another of inside your control box, and lastly the existing topside control. The issue is the setup of the control box doesn't allow a larger C5 control system inside. But we can determine that visually through you pictures. Send to spageeks@clearcreekspas.com and we will respond.

Little thinking. Little confusion. Great Results!


And... You Save MONEY Over the Cost of a New System.


So lets review the steps you take:

You purchase the Retro Update BELOW. When you place the order you will receive a confirmation the next business day including instructions how and where to ship your old control box and topside.

With main spa power off, disconnect incoming wiring. Label those wires or better, take a picture to refer to when you get the old unit back.

You unplug the cords (we recommend you label where each cord goes although its pretty straightforward).

Remove control box.

We do NOT replace the heater, just the internals of the control box.

Remove the old topside and topside cord and include in shipment.

Upon receipt, normally within 5 business days we will upgrade your box and send you the updated control box, new topside, related sensors, and practical help reinstalling. (old topside is obsolete).

When you get the new control box, install in same place (its the same box). Plug cords back in. Install your GFCI protected electrical line to the spa. Install your new LED topside. Install new sensors. Turn on power and you are good to go.

NOTE: If your OLD control box is damaged by fire or elements, we may not be able to install a new control system. BUT we will try. If your old case is NOT useable, we will notify you of your options. If you chose to take the old system back, we will refund your purchase price LESS shipping/handling cost to return to you. There is no charge for labor to inspect your control system. If you chose to simple have us destroy the unit, a full refund will be made and no charge for inspection or disposal..

our warranty? 1 year from the date we ship the upgraded control system to you.

CAUTION: The components such as wiring and sockets must be in good condition and reusable. If the control box is damaged we might not be able to install a new control system. In such a case you will be offered the return of the control box less shipping/handling charges or we will destroy the old unit at your direction.


What Do You Send To US?
1. The complete control box including cover without cords.
2. The topside command with cord.
What Exactly Do WE Replace?
a. Replace the pcboard with board able to operate your configuration.
b. Replace the transformer to match new board.
c. Replace the OH and Temp sensors
d. Modify control box to accept all components
e. Include NEW digital touchpad
What You Will Do to Re-Install
1. Return control box to its spot.
2. Wire GFCI protected electrical to same terminal.
3. Plug cords back into same sockets.
4. Install new OH sensor at heater.
5. Install new Temp sensor to shell.

(This can be the hardest step. The new temp sensor may not be the same type/size as

the old temp sensor. That is why we have you send the old temperature sensor. If the new

 sensor is different, we will INCLUDE a new housing you will need to install.).

6. Install new topside.
7. Turn on power and enjoy.
8. Replacement Parts  See Here


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