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Pump/Motors for Jacuzzi Whirlpool Hot Tubs
1983 to 2001  with Union
White Pumps 115v, 2 Speed 230v, 1 Speed 230v, 1 speed Wet End Only Repair Parts 24/7 Circulation Pump RetroKit Convert from JWB to Generic
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History Lesson

Mid 1980's to 1993

JWB used their "white" pumps. The wetend is one piece and white. The wetend can be connected to a GE, Century, or Generic Motor.



JWB used their patented "J" and "K" pumps. The 3 distinquishing designes was their "swivel" union connection, a center discharge, and a low suction union on their "J" pumps. The main identification is the swivel union on both J and K pumps.


Late 1998 to 2001

In 1998 JWB started introducing a "generic" wetend. Starting with the Pinnacle Model the Spa Division introduced the generic pump for the larger model spas. Because they blended these into production over time you must check your pump union to confirm what you have if you have a Premium or Platinum Model 2 or 3 pump model. A key way to tell the 3KP (3hp) pump from the generic pumps is that the pump top discharge is in the center of the pump while the generic style pump being introduced has a side discharge. Second is the cone shape plumbing fitting verses the flat generic shape fitting mentioned above.

Replaced by:

JWB Patented Fitting ( swivel cone)

Generic Fitting (flat)

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In 2001 JPS switched completely to a different design.  >> Click Here


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