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General Help to Rebuild Your JWB "J" or "K" Pump 

Please Note: Following steps are almost universal

Loosen bolts on this end but do NOT remove. Just loosen to separate pump from motor.

Press new seal into housing cup. Rubber of seal goes against cup and leaves the ceramic of seal facing you. I use a bit of spit to add in sliding the seal in. You can use a VERY little amount of lubricant. Too much will cause the seal to spin and damage it and the pump.

Mount pump and insert and tighten long motor bolts to snug.

Slide second half of seal onto the impellers shaft. Again, I use spit but you can use a slight amount of lubricate. Note that the flat metal side is flat against the impeller wall. The side with plastic is against is facing out. (See Here for seal install help)

Screw impeller into motor shaft. While holding the impeller with one hand.... (If you are removing the impeller from the motor shaft, it can be a bear. The impeller and motor shaft can meld together. I have taken a pair of vicegrips and clamped down on the metal shaft between the pump and motor. Then twisted off the impeller (lefty loosy). BUT.. I have also had to use wrench to turn the impeller and broken the impeller in bits. If that happens, you MUST make sure the motor shaft's diameter is same size as original. Putting a new impeller on an enlarged diameter motor shaft will split the new impeller and pump will leak.) 

Turn motor shaft clockwise to turn shaft and screw into the impeller. Only need to tighten to snug.

Install eye seal. Larger diameter side is to the front of the pump. You only need to slide onto the end of the impeller. If the eye seal is large, it might float. That is normal.

Tighten bolts rotating to opposite sides to assure balance

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