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Replacing the 115v, 2 Speed Pump

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For Spas using only ONE "J" Series Pump/Motor and the pump is black. This is a 2 speed motor operating on 115v. All JWB spas with only one pump/motor uses this pump/motor.  The motor has two windings so on low operates heater/filter and on High gives you jet action.

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 2JP with Fitting
CC-2JP 7 Components J Pump for 2JP


93-BN37  Motor, 2 Speed, 115v, 11.0/2.9a Standard Duty  $249.00 
Replaces 2500-255
115v 2speed Standard Duty Pump Complete
 What if my spa is running on 230v?

If you upgraded a 115v control system to 230v, it does NOT affect the motor. The motor remains 115v. What it DOES change is makes the heater more efficient (about 3x more) and the heater will stay on when the spa is on High jet. So for small spas built 1993-2001 with 1 pump, your pump is 115v. You can check on the motor's label to confirm but unless the actual control system has been modified in the field, its a 115v, 2 speed pump motor.


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