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3hp, 230v, 1 Speed  "K" Pump

Alaska, Hawaii, and US Territories  Click Here

If One Pump/Motor Is Larger than the other, smaller is 2500-250 seen at Click Here and the larger is the 2500-251 seen here. This was the design on most Platinum Series spas and some others. Both motors are 1 speed operating on 230v. The #1 pump is the smaller pump and operates the low/filter/heat cycle. When you turn the High jets on, the #1 stays on and the #2 or 2500-251 pump/motor turns on, giving you full power.

  3HP or K-Pump With Fitting


K-Pump/Motor, 230v, Single Speed  

No Longer Available
See Below

Stop the Madness !!!!

Until recently we have been selling the K Pump and the 2500-251. Have been doing so since 1995. Easy swap. Job done. BUT recently the supply market has been drying up for this wetend and motor. As it dries up, prices go up ... sometimes sky high. Have have seen the 2500-251 selling for $599.00 on the internet.  Today, we are saying..."Stop the Madness!"

Beginning now, we are going to make you take some time and install new fittings and free yourself from this madness. We are offering a kit that includes the new fittings and new pump and motor. Yes, it will take you an hour or two but you will save yourself a couple hundred dollars and next time if the pump or motor fails, you will have easy options. Not locked into a patented union.

Below see our "kit". This kit comes with a new 3hp pump and motor and couplings. It also comes with plumbing parts and a general instruction sheet how to get the job done. The old 2500-251 also has a check valve installed and this is important to have. So we have included a new check valve. What we don't include you can buy locally.

Because this might make you a bit nervous, we off personal help. Send us a picture of your existing #2 pump to spageeks@clearcreekspas.com. Send wide angle pics so we can see what plumbing you have. We will tell you BEFORE the project how complicated it is. Most are not; few are.

Then you can order the kit below and Stop the Madness of being locked into a geriatric pump who's prices forever rise.

And It Will Give You More Pressure than the OEM Pump/Motor!!

NOTE: These pumps should only be used on the #2 pump (high speed) on 2 pump spas. On 3 pump spas these pumps can be used on either jet pump.

3hp Pump Complete Unions Check Valve Asst Fittings

3hp Pump Complete Only
Complete Pump Replacement   Pump/Motor
CC-Retro-2500-251   92-210
$379.00   Free Shipping
$349.00   Free Shipping




Standard Replacement Mechanical Seal 91-0200


Ozone Resistant Mechanical Seal 91-000 $19.45


Replacement AMP Cord for ONE Speed Motor Listed Above 95-034 $21.36

AMP Cord AND Installed on new motor 95-034 PLUS $26.36
Replacement AMP Cord for TWO Speed Motor Listed Above 95-038 $24.36
AMP Cord AND Installed on new motor 95-038 PLUS $29.36
Repair Coupling For Unions:
(These are the white couplings that attach the pump to the piping of the spa. They are design and only work on patented swivel pumps.)


Pair J Pump Coupling O-Rings Only
(Seals Used at Union Where Pump Attaches to Plumbing)
2540-294-90 X 2 $2.19pair
Repair Rubber Footing For Motors:
These are the rubber mounts many pumps sit on that cushion the pump/motor to lower vibration.
2570-090 $3.99ea
Generic Rubber Motor Pad 90-001 $5.95
2" Slice Valve 78-1020 $16.00
Gate Valve, 3 pc, Magic Plastics, 2"s x 2"s, 80psi 26-395-1036
2" 3 pcs Gate Valve
Once Installed, if valve fails you
can replace ONLY the Gate
below and leave glued in ends
in place.
Makes for easy repair
78-1050 $22.49
Body Assy, Magic Plastic Gate Valve, 2" 27-395-1027 Gate Repair ONLY for 78-1050 78-1051 $16.00
2" Swing Check Valve w/spring 78-378 $24.92
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