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230v Pump/Motors
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Two Pump Spas either had Two Identical Pumps or One larger than the other. If your spa has identical pump/motors you have the 92-250. This is a 1 speed motor operating only on 230v. Most larger spas had 2 identical pump/motors.  When low/filter/heating, the #1 pump operates. When you press HIGH the #1 stays on and the #2 comes on doubling your jet action. On spas with standard and large pump, the large pump only comes on when spa jets are on high.

  1JP with  JWB Fitting:
7 Components J Pump for 1 JP
Used On Spas With 2 Pumps
C-175, 2500-200
1hp Motor
230v,  1 Speed
Used On Spas With 2 Pumps


Best Value: You get wetend and motor separately and you assemble.  See How
92-250 New Jacuzzi Whirlpool wetend and new motor.
You assemble and save $$.


Jacuzzi Whirlpool Pump/Motor Complete
F569000; 2500-250
.75/1HP Pump With Standard Duty Motor
230vac; 1 Speed

   Want Individual J Pump Parts?  Click Here   

How to Rebuild a Pump/Motor

Video Rebuilding Your Pump  

How to Wire Your Cord to a New Motor

Standard Replacement Mechanical Seal 91-0200


Ozone Resistant Mechanical Seal 91-000 $19.45

Repair Coupling Union
(These are the white couplings that attach the pump to the piping of the spa.
Same As: 2000-170, 9250000


Pair J Pump Coupling O-Rings Only
(Seals Used at Union Where Pump Attaches to Plumbing)
2540-294 X 2 $2.19pair
Repair Rubber Footing For Pump Motor
These are the rubber mounts many pumps sit on that cushion the pump/motor to lower vibration.
2570-090 $3.99ea
Generic Rubber Motor Pad
Replaces 4 bolt rubber footing.
90-001 $5.95
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