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PCboards for 1995-2002

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Match Your Topside and Identify Which Board You Have

Year Topside Control Model Board Comments  
1994-1996  F104 or F105  Used on early Echo/Essence Spas Options
1994-2002 F106 or F107 Used on early Platinum until 1999 Options
K-286 Used on first generation Pinnacle Options
R-327/641 Used on Platinum with Vertical Heater
1996-1998 H-136 Used Mid Production Echo/Essence with 1 pump
H-276 Used Mid Production Echo/Essence with 2 pumps
R-742 Used ONLY on Z112 with Analog Temp
1996-2002 H-716 Used on Select Series Spas
1999-2002 R-574 Used on Late Production Echo/Essence with 1 pump
R-576 Used on Late Production Echo/Essence with 2 pumps
S-826 Used ONLY on Z-112 with Digital Readout

PC Boards for 2002+ "J Series" Spas


PC Board  Education

Spa PC Boards: Circuit boards are similar to your pc computer board. The chip is programmed to operate a certain way and turns components on/off at certain times and for certain reasons.

Over the years many have asked why a board will fail. Sometimes the failure might be caused simply over time such as internal components failing and some even causing damage to other components. So boards look perfectly good yet will not operate or at least, correctly. Some simply have components on board that fail making the board not operate. Brownouts, blackouts, voltage surges and spikes can cause damage to your spa's board.

Over the years some have tried to change only the "chip" on the board to see if that solves the problem. The success has been limited but if the board looks perfectly fine, it could be the solution. More often you are simply trying to fix the problem in the wrong way.

Most if not all boards have settings. Easiest way to configure a new board to work is match such things a "jumpers" from the only to new. If you look at the boards you will see the jumpers.

FYI: It always makes sense to "ground" your body by touching something metal that is properly grounded. This will avoid any chance of a static charge damage to the new board.




For Picture Help On Jumpers, Jumpers Tutor

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