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Drains, Filter Housing, Heater, Light, Pump

 Spa Drains: From 1994 to circa 1998 used the "Large" drain. In 1998 they switched to the "Small" drain.

You might be able to CHEAT when replacing, See Here .


Large Spa Drain

Early models built 1993-1998; attaches to spa plumbing by fittings shown to right, sold separately. Uses male end of garden hose to drain spa.

H999000; 2000-035

    1998-End Of Production

Small Spa Drain

For late models built after 1998; has 3/4 barb fitting to attach to spas plumbing. Uses female end of garden hose to drain spa.

R745000; 2540-303


If the leak is at the seal where the filter cabinet bonds with the shell, try this first. Drain the spa. Let dry. Remove the filter housing frame on the water side by snapping off the frame. This will expose the white flange.  Apply a bead of clear silicone on the water side and massage the silicone between the flange and the shell. Snap the frame back on and fill. Many times this will solve the leak.

If the leak is from the cabinet itself or plumbing, you will need to replace the cabinet.


These are OEM replacement parts from early 1990's to 2001

    Front Load Filter Housing

Filter Housing
Comes With Seal Valve
9912000; 2540-385
Filter Weir Frame Cover
6639945; 2000-045
Filter Basket 
6636000; 2540-375
Grommet Seal for Electronic Temp Sensor 
Rubber Seal On Top of Filter Housing
6171000; 2000-201

Where The Parts Go:



Heater Repair Coupling If your heater coupling breaks or leaks, you can replace just the coupling and seal. This kit includes both but only for one side. If both ends leak, then you will have to replace with two. (picture only illustrates parts. Actual part may be different.)


 2" Repair Heater Coupling and Gasket 19-421 $10.18
2" Heater Seal Only 19-018 $1.70ea
2" Tailpiece Only 19-005 $5.50ea
2" Split Ring Coupling Only 19-420 $4.99ea


    Spa Mood Light
309002 Mood Light Repair Parts


    Pump Union Repair

Repair Union for J-Pump; comes with new oring 2000-170 $14.14


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