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What pump do I have?

  Whirlpool Bath hot tubs used the "white" pumps up to circa 1993. They looked like this: 2000-060
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From 1993 to 2000, MOST spa had the "J" or "K" series pumps. They looked like:
Note where the pump mates with the plumbing, That is a patented design. It looks like:
NOTE: Starting 1998 JWB Spas started using the pump shown below. So you have to compare fittings to identify which you have.
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2001  JPS revamp their spa line and discontinued using the above. During this period, either the above pumps or one shown to right were used. When JPS introduced the "J" Series, their current series, all pumps except the smaller circulation pump used the pump shown to right. JHT Wetend Side

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Look at this picture side by side:

The fittiing on the left is older JWB fitting. Fitting on right is current JPS fitting.
Older JWB fitting has a cone shape. JPS fitting is flat.
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