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Jets ONLY Used in Z-255

60-652 Therapy Jet: Spinning-GRAY $34.99
60-647 Rotating Jet-ONLY IN WHITE $46.50
60-646 Rotating Jet Outer Housing-ONLY IN WHITE $29.20
This nozzle is no longer made. We have a kit below that will replace this BUT... it's not very good. It replaces the nozzle with a small eyeball nozzle. You have to silicone the whole assembly in place to avoid the pressure blowing out the replacement nozzle. One customer went into the piping behind the nozzle and put a valve to lower the pressure and the replacement nozzle works fine. Others simply capped off the nozzle. Unfortunately, there are no real solution using the existing hole. You can enlarge the hole and put in a larger jet but this is hard to do. We have applied ourselves in finding you a solution but have not to date other than the kit below
Eyeball Kit 60-670 Eyeball Replacement Kit $9.99
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