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Clear Creek Spas
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Clear Creek Spa Service has been servicing spas since 1995 as both LPS Bath and Spa and Clear Creek Spas in the Rocky Mountain Front Range.



Multi-Year Service Award Winner


You can have confidence that you are dealing with a leader in offering

We are Certified, Field Trained and Tested. We do not sit in an office and guess about repairing a spa or bath. We do the actual work and pass our experience on to you---- Free. We do not listen to others and then pass it on as our own. We are the ones to solve your problem and supply the parts to solve your problem. This is why we can't always answer tech calls; the experience is in the field!

For advice on how to fix your problem... or what parts you do need and, very importantly, what you don't need, just e-mail us, at spageeks@clearcreekspas.com see links on top of page.


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