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Finding Parts

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Diagnostic Help

Error Codes

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Secret Diagnostic Help

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Quick Troubleshooting

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When Spa Is Dead, First Thing To Do

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Spa Geeks Own Repair Manual for Spas Built 1994-2002

Our in-house repair manual

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Spa Geeks Helps

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Tour A Control Box

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How Do Spas Work?

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How to do a Basic Electrical Test

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Installation Help for Spas Built before 2002

  Step by Step Help to Install Major Parts

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Specialize Help    

How To Summerize Your Spa?

  Basic Steps to Protect Your Spa When Its Hot

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How Do WINTERIZE Your Spa?

  Basic Steps to Protect Your Spa

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Free Operation Manual Downloads

Operation Manuals, Part Manuals, and Spec Sheets

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  Nine Ways to Harm Your Spa

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  Six Things to Improve Your Spa

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