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Spa Repair Diagnostics-Air Blower



Failure Of Air Blowers


If all components BUT the air blower work, its likely the air blower has failed.

 First check is if there is a blower fuse. Many control boxes have a fuse specifically for the air blower and it can be identified by the control box wiring diagram. When the blower fails it blows the fuse. Sometimes the blower will get wet and the GFCI will trip. As a rule of thumb if the fuse blows the air blower has failed but simply replacing the fuse might resolve the issue.

You can also check the voltage going to the air blower to confirm whether its the board or the blower. On most spas you have a plug/socket on the side of the control box the air blower cord plugs into. Unplug that cord. Set your voltmeter to the proper voltage of the air blower. Inset your meter's probes into the socket (like testing a home wall socket). If you get no voltage the problem is either the fuse, the board, or the topside. If you DO get proper voltage the problem is the air blower itself.

Air blowers are the reverse of a vacuum cleaner. Hot tub models with some style of channel/fittings along the seats can have an air blower. When turned on the blower will start blowing air through the channel/pipes and bubbles come out of the seat. On most spas the air is air from the equipment area or outside. So in the winter the air can be COLD. On more expensive models the air blower has a heater built in to heat the air before it goes into the hot tub.


Because the blower is simple, typically you replace. On some models you can replace the brushes that usually solves the problem but for most homeowners its easier to replace the blower.




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