Digital Topsides

Since the mid-90' the industry and Jacuzzi has moved from mechanical topsides to electronic design.

To protect the enduser electronic topsides operate on very low voltage and are very well sealed. Over the years the materials used to protect the topside in a moist environment has been updated but in general these topsides can take abuse from the elements.

Clearly the advantage of the electronic topside is the "touch" button compared to the old plunger type. But even more advancing is the digital can display "error" codes that help the tech determine at least what the board "thinks" the issue is. Thus reviewing the "error" code page will help you determine where to start.

Once again, electronic topsides operate on very low current. But any topside where the top layers of the topside are blistering and cracking you must replace the overlay available on many topsides or the whole topside. Failure to do so can make the topside unsafe, operate improperly, or even cause damage to the control box pcboard underneath and components of the spa.

First generation started with "liquid quartz" topside. This is the style where the background is gray and letters/numbers are quartz legs. More popular are the LED which commonly have a black background and bright led legs. For high end spas the screens are becoming a color screen much like a tablet.

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