PCboard Jumpers

What are my board jumpers?

MOST pcboards have jumpers. Jumpers tell the board what components or model you are installing this board into. Manufacturers make a board that might have many model applications. Besides the chip programming, it can also have jumpers you have to set.

You LIKELY will need to compare the old and new board's jumper settings.

To do so, first look for your jumpers.

The boards below show 2 size jumpers. 

Jumpers can tell the board what calibration of temperature you want and other important facts. Typically you match your new board's jumpers to the old board and everything will operate fine.

Example 4 Pair

In this example there are Four Pair. The jumpers are labeled on left as 2,4,6,8. The top pair has the jumper only connecting one wire. The second down has jumper missing. EITHER way the wires are not connected and result in the same configuration.
The bottom 2 pairs ARE connected or jumped. 
It is CRITICAL you match the old pcboard with new to get right assignment and configuration.

Example 7 Pair

In this example the top pair is connected (jumped). Second is missing. Third connected. Fourth missing. Fifth connected. Six and Seven missing. This will tell the board what the board is operating and more. Best is to compare old to new board and do the same.

Actual Jumper Callout

This is an example of actual callout of pcboard jumpers. From the description below you can see how one board can be used on a hot tub for Europe, 1 or 2 jet pumps, and 115v or 230v.
Actual Example PCB Jumpers

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