How to wire the cord to the motor.

Motors are either 110-120vac OR 220-240vac. They are either 1 or 2 speed motors.
Most 110-120vac motor are 2 speed. 220-240vac motors can be either 1 or 2 speeds.

Some motors can be "field wired" which means they can be wired to operate on "low" voltage (110-120vac) or "high" voltage (220-240vac) Do not confused low and high to be speeds. They are voltaged. By matching the voltage to your needs you can operate at that voltage.
CAUTION: Always confirm proper voltage to the motor. Applying can permanently damage the motor in an instant.

110-120vac Motor

Read the motor's label and compare to positions on the end of the motor where you will connect the cord.

In this example the Top connection is the COMMON. This means you would connect the WHITE motor cord to that spade.
Middle spade is labeled H or HIGH Speed. You would connect which of your cord wires, red or black, that activates High. Unfortunately there is no standard so you need to compare with original. In a pinch you can guess which is which and if wrong switch when you power up. BUT you WILL have to switch cord wires because most spas will not operate correctly if High/Low are switched.
Bottom spade is assigned for LOW speed.

NOTE: ALWAYS check and compare OLD motor label with NEW motor label and adjust accordingly.

This example the motor is ONE speed but can operate on either 110 or 220vac. 

In the example the pump operates on 220-240vac. So the 2 cord wires are attached to the 2 spades shown. The wires are not polarized so they can be attached to either spade.

IMPORTANT: In this example, the motor label explains how to wire on either voltage. In the left picture you with see for the "LOW" or 110v wiring, you have the Black, Brown, and White wires located as shown. 

To operate this motor on HIGH or 230v, the Black, White, and Brown wire are moved to spades shown. Again, these are EXTREMELY important or operating the motor can damage it and will not be a warranty item.

This is a 230v motor, 2 speed.

On 2 speed cords there are Red/Black/White/Green wires. LINE 1 shown on label is the Neutral line or WHITE cord wire, position 2. 
High Speed is either red/black depending on the control box manufacturer. 
Low Speed is opposite color.

NOTE: If your existing cord is a 3 wire cord, Black/White/Green, you know you have a ONE SPEED cord. If you have a 2 speed motor but only need 1 speed, connect to the Line 2 spade (neutral/white) and Line 3 spade (black wire on cord).

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