Our TUTOR Pages
are designed for the beginner to understand the basics of how your hot tub works.

The Basics

Where Spa Bubbles Come From

How jets work:

You might be surprise how simple jets are.

How Wire Spa Pump Motor

How to wire a cord to your new motor:

New motor wiring.

This section is designed to make your various components simple. It is designed to explain things to a first time backyard warrior.

How PCboards work on Hot Tub

Your PcBoard

How the brain of your spa works.

Filters Tutor

Your Filter(s)

What you need to know about your spa's filter

Heaters Tutor


Complete quick tutor on how your heater works.

Spa Pressure Switch Tutor

Pressure or Flow Switch

One of the cheapest replacement parts that commonly fails.

Spa Wetend Tutor


It moves your water. Now what more do you need to know?

Spa Pumps Tutor

Pump Motor Complete

What you need to know.

Spa Sensors Tutor


Another one of the cheapest replacement parts that commonly fail.

Spa Topside Tutor


Understanding what and how the topside works.

Spa Transformer Tutor


The forgotten part that can be hard to test.

Your Control Box. Scary and complicated.
This can help you.

Spa PC Board Tutor

Take a TOUR of your Control Box

Learn what's what

Spa Jumper Tutor

Board Jumpers

What is a jumper? What should I do?

Plumbing. We all hate doing but sooner or later, you will need to. Here's help.

Spa Leaks Tutor


How to Repair

Spa Gluing Tutor


What to remember when you start gluing

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