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This website is provided by Clear Creek Spas as a service to our customers. The following rules govern your use of clearcreekspas.com. Please note that use of this site constitutes your unconditional agreement to the following terms and are bound by this Terms of Use. We also reserve the right to modify these terms at any time and post them on this page. We encourage you to review this page when you use this site to protect your rights. All content in the website are deamed truthful. We are not liable in any way for mistakes on this website.

Use of Our Website

By accepting these terms and use of this site you certify you are above the age of 18 years and any information you submit to us either at Checkout, Text, or any emails to us is truthful and accurate.

All materials including art, images, text, illustrations, photographs, and written information are copyrighted and the rights are held by their respective authors, companies, or corporations. The contents of these sites are for personal, non-commercial use by you. You may download the above for private, non-commercial use. By your downloading we in no way are transferring any rights to you for use other than your personal use. All copyrights continued to be held by their original or respective owners. You may not reproduce, publish either in written or electronic form, or distribute, display or modify any of the above.

Presumed Ability

We presume you have basic knowledge of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing skills. Some parts will sell come with installation help but most do not. It is presumed that you have ability and expertise to install a part. If you contact us and explain your ability, we will give an honest appraisal of whether the repair or installation is beyond your ability or not. If you have limited knowledge or ability in any of these areas, we recommend you contact a local service company to work on your hot tub. Hot tubs are a combination of electrical and water and can either shock those near or in the hot tub or even cause death. Do not take this possibility lightly.

Site Security

Users are prohibited to violate or attempt to violate our websites or the hosting companies of these sites. Any attempt to probe, insert, change, modify, or other attacks on these sites will be a violation of this agreement.

When Ordering From Us

We make every attempt to be accurate in describing and pricing each item on our website. We are not able to guarantee compete compliance to this. Any mistakes or inaccuracies we know of will be corrected as soon as we made aware of the mistakes. These changes may take 1-2 days complete. Because of possible mistakes, any orders which we deem was a mistake and we can not honor the price, we retain the option to cancel the order, return all funds already paid by you, and have no liability to you other then the return of monies you paid.

You acceptance of the order on our site does not guarantee the part is in stock. Although we carry many parts, demand and lack of supply might temporarily delay our filling of the order. If you are under a time constraint, we encourage you to notify us by email or phone. We can determine if the part is in stock or when it likely will be. When better for us, we may drop from a supplier the part or its equal.

If you don't contact us, we will notify you if we are out of stock and don't expect the part(s) to come in within a short period of time. If we expect the part to arrive within a reasonable period, we will not notify you but ship as normal. If we know the supplier is out of stock and there will be a substantial delay, we will notify you.

Quantity Limits

We normally do not limit part order amount but if you order a large number of an item, we may have to delay shipment until they are available or a complete order or split the shipment. If we split the shipment, normally there is no extra cost to you.

Submissions By You

Your questions and electronic pictures sent to us become our legal property. From time to time we may use your letters or pictures on our sites for educational or promotion purposes. We will guard your personal information only using your initials and general location, if that. We may be able to use letters and pictures to help others appreciate or understand points about their hot tub in repairing and servicing their hot tub. We do not sell, loan, or transfer in any way your emails or pictures to other companies.

Website Graphics.

We attempt to give actual pictures and colors to represent the parts. Since most hot tub parts were originally gray and the replacement parts are the same, it usually is not a problem. Over time parts can fade in your hot tub so the replacement parts will look different but they originally were this color.

Limitation of Liability:

We are limited to the maximum of the price of the part purchased from us. Any help or advice given by us carries no liability. We presume by your inquiry that you have sufficient knowledge or expertise to perform the work. If you are not qualified to do repairs or installation of part(s), you should seek a qualified person to do so. We are only liable to the maximum of the part purchased.

For failure of parts, the original manufacturer carries the liability to replace or repair the failed part or refund your money as written in their warranty for parts. If you don't know what that warranty is, contact us at spageeks@clearcreekspas.com and we will obtain a warranty sheet from the original manufacturer and send to at any time or at our discretion a link to their website or an electronic file of their warranty.

Any questions can be directed to spageeks@clearcreekspas.com.

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