Steps to installing the "Hot Tub Wrap"

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How You Install Our Hot Tub Skirting

You will receive your order in a roll. If the width of the material is too wide it easy to trim to your needs.

Planning Ahead: Choose a logical point to start attaching your wrap to your siding. There are many layouts for spas but the most common has most components and access on one side of the spa. So you need so access to that side. We recommend you start wrapping the spa on the next side of the spa and wrap around ending where you need the most access and overlap where you started. This will allow you to untack the wrap when you need to gain access to the equipment area. Just make the seam/overlap not a prominent view of the hot tub.

That finishes the install.. Easy... And it gives your spa a great fresh look

This is what the material looks like. You will notice its a perforated material to allow the actual spa siding to breathe and will minimize a "sail" affect where the wind pulls the material away from the siding. Skirt Material


Measuring and Cutting:

For most hot tubs you are dealing with the height of the old siding and the circumference of the spa.

In this example measuring the existing siding is 26 1/2". Since the roll purchased is 36" in width it has to be cut from 36" wide to 26 1/2" wide.

The second picture shows all you need: a long straight edge, measuring tape, marker, and standard scissors.

The line is made showing where to cut and simply cutting with your scissors.

We recommend the "cut" edge is on the bottom of most spas since a little waving isn't noticed. The other edge is factory cut and straight.

Measuring Measuring

Problem Area... Why Replacing this skirt:

As you can see the skirting on this spa is in good shape. But several problems exist. As shown a number of slates are broken. These slats are impossible to find to replace. There is also discoloring on other sides. And its an old... tired look.

Broken Siding

Problem Area FIXED after new skirt is on:

Covering the siding with a new skirt creates a great look.

You don't have to have damage to your siding but just want a new, clean look.

As you can see the "damaged" area is covered over and it looks great.

Broken Siding Closeup

How the completed siding looks... GREAT! 

Full New Skirt

Choosing how to adhere your new skirting to your spa.What to use? 

If your OLD siding is wood, we recommend you first use pushpins to hold skirt in place while you position the material. Pushpins allow you to easily remove. We actually like the look of clear pushpins but in situations where you have a number of people near the spa the pins would be easily broken or removed.

Second choice, use only stainless steel thumbtacks or pushpins. (small tack shown)

A third option is to consider stainless steel upholstery tacks.

Shown on picture to the right are 2 style of tacks; steel thumbtacks and upholstery tacks. Our choice is the uphostery tack because of its larger head and we got these with a brass coating. This example has a large cap head which we would prefer a smaller size which is available. Also we noted on the internet choices of various color to tack heads to meet your needs

Either choice would have worked fine. As a rule of thumb insert a tack near where the actual wood siding is held by screws. This will give your skirting enough tacks to provide solid support.

You may choose to glue on the skirting or use screws. Gluing seems the least desirable. On spas with SYNTHEIC siding you will need to use screws since thumbtacks will not work. If you use screws we recommend a screw finish washer  Finish Washer for added support of material. 

Skirt Tacks Shirt Tack 2



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