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Synthetic Spa Panel Replacement

Do It Yourself!     Make Your Old Spa look NEW!
Sale Price -- $630.83 Delivered
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Actual Before Picture Actual After Picture

Example of success one customer had with our kit.



SYNTHETIC SIDING is designed for longevity. Most spa manufacturers in the last decade have moved away from natural wood to this and similar products. Most new spas have synthetic wood siding

We offer a "panel kit" from a major supplier of these synthetic panels.

You will receive 8 x 4' panels (panels are 33" high), 4 corner pieces, 8 trim pieces, and screws. You cut the height and width you need and install. You will have long lasting durability with only minor cleaning. The manufacturer has designed the kit so the typical homeowner will be able to install the complete kit in less then 2 hours. Some carpentry skills are needed.

These Kits NOT RECOMMEND FOR SPAS with complex curved patterns. Synthetic panels cut like regular wood... but lasts.


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