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Jacuzz's Whirlpool Bath's redwood side panels if properly maintain will last a long time. But negleted slats will bend and fall off the plastic backing. Or the wood can age poorly or split.

The issue with replacing the siding is most Platinum and Select models are octagonal (8 sides). Usually four panels are about 50" in length and four short corner panels.

The problem occurs is our flex corner kit only comes with four 16" flex corners. These corner will not wrap completly around the short corners.


Our work around for this style of spa is to purchase the "flex corner" kit AND extra flex corner flex panel pieces. On the typical octagon shaped spa you would purchased 4 extra flex panels. This would allow you to wrap around each corner using 2 flex panels and the rigid flat panels for the larger flat area.

Remember the flex corner as well as the complete kit are 33" tall panels.

Please Note: Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath Hot Tubs came in a large number of different body styles. This page focuses on the most common Octagonal shape spas. If your have a model with curved sides or multi-curved panels this option does not work for you.


Kit With Flex Corner






16" x 33" Flex Corner Pieces SpaCorner-Fl-RDE $69.00ea


Coastal Gray

Kit With Flex Corner

Flex Gray





16" x 33" Flex Corner Pieces SpaCorner-Fl-CGE     $69.00ea

Highwood Acord Siding

Weathered Acorn

Kit With Flex Corner






16" x 33" Flex Corner Pieces





What You Get With Each Panel Kit:

        1.  Eight 33" x 48" Rigid Assembled Panel

 2. Eight 33" Trim Pieces to Cover Gaps

3. Four Corner Pieces: 16" Flex Corner for Curved Corners see more

4. Screws

5. Number of extra 16" Flex Corner Pieces you buy.

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Kits Typically Ships Ground 10 Business Day After Order Is Processed.

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