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Flow Switch

Flow Switch w/cord (discontinued; limited inventory)


Flow Switch w/o cord  (This comes with posts to clip on. You will have to splice crimps on the existing cord and plug into this switch.) 6560-852 $48.32


Heater Assembly

Jacuzzi Whirlpool Hot Tubs that operate on 115v and the heater screws into a metal housing.
Aftermarket Heater 1.5w, 120vac
Used on select models which had a steel housing the heater screwed into.
Includes High Limit and Temp Control on the Heater
2000-303 No longer available,
No substitute.
Jacuzzi Whirlpool Hot Tubs built late 1980's and early 1990's

replaced by:

SCM Kit Heater Sm 
See Here for More Information
 Replacement kit for #6521-000 and 2000-304 heater.
We speak Jacuzzi fluently so we know you need a heater assembly replacement on your older 1986-1994 SCM control systems.
This kit addresses all you needs. With this kit you get necessary instructions and parts. Once you bring your model up to current standards this heater will be readily available.
11-012 $249.00



Relay, 30a, 120 VDC 2000-079 $109.00

Relay, 30a, 120 VAC

(rarely used)

6504 N/A Not Available
Relay, 30a, 12 VDC
(rarely used)
1865 N/A Not Available
Switch, DPDT, 110 VDC 2000-087 $115.00
Switch, DPDT, 120 VAC 5209 $99.00 Not Available
4 Function Air Switch
2000-068 $92.00
Adjustable Thermostat


2000-084 $73.00
Insulating Spacer Goes Between Temp Cable and Thermostat 7109-D-7757 $2.85 Not Available
SCM Repair Heater Repair Shaft at Topside 09-002 $12.90
Sleeve in Filter Box that Adjustable Thermostat (above)Slides Into (Being Discontinued) 2000-200 $49.00
Grommet Seal (for temp sensors in filter box) 2540-400 $2.49
Bridge Rectifier 2000-078 $36.00
Generic High Limit 09-950  $39.00
Panel Filter Timer 7106 $53.00
Panel-GFCI 7669 $59.00
Air Topside Actuator 09-006 $25.75
Incoming 6 Wire Terminal located lower right small box.

Terminal Block Assy. 50A

2000-096 $39.00
20a Push Circuit Protector 6506 $18.00
30a Push Circuit Protector 8946 N/A Not Available
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