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Why or why not purchase a new electronic digital control system?
Let me address some objections


Our Customer's Most Common Concerns

These are some of most common objections or concerns about rebuilding a control system we get. Below find out the answer.

I'm not smart enough

Too Expensive

Its old

I don't have time

Who's going to help me?

Something else will breaks

A better reason is you don't ever use it anymore or you just don't like it. We have customers that have hot tubs built and installed 20 years ago. Are they as fancy as today? No. Are they happy with the design and operation? Yes.
Some will ask about the plumbing? It is true that water and chemicals do harm plastics over the years. Sometimes they corrode the rubber; sometimes the glue. But rarely the pvc plastic piping and components. But this is a consideration. After working on spas built since 1995 I have seen perfectly operation and cosmetic spas. So age really isn't a consideration. 

If your choice is to trash the spa or fix... yes, its more expensive to fix. If the choice is buying new or fixing, that choice is a bit more complicated.
New spas average $5-10k. Replacing your existing control system is about $600. Replacing most components are less. But remember... and this is very important.. many if not most new spas come with a 6-12 month warranty. So you could purchase a lower end spa and find yourself in little over a year paying a service guy (about $125/hr) to come out and fix plus the price of the part. Even high end spas require you to pay the service company trip/travel charges even under warranty. A lot of money.
So its more of a "do I want a spa?" vs saving money. So long and short, its usually not a "too expensive" issue.

I learned quickly in this industry, "its not brain surgery." Having a very logical teacher I learns if you have someone who backs you up, you can pretty much do any install, repair, or replacement. You do need some basic knowledge and experience with electrical things and plumbing if you are gluing. But normally uou just need someone you can trust who has your back..   Oh... BTW... That me. AND... I'm available almost all the time, even on weekends, through our texting feature at 303-390-8959.

There is almost a formula what will fail and when. Heater elements, pressure switches, jet nozzles about 3-5yrs. Pumps about 5-6 years. Electronics about 6-9 years. Shell... never unless not on a flat surface or poorly maintained.  Plumbing... only when its allowed to freeze or the piping/joints become brittle.
But to be fair.. things fail. I once was told the average new hot tub received THREE service calls under warranty. I suspect that number has dramatically been improved since I can see where mistakes were made and over time a wiser approach in construction.

Well... that would be ME.  I noticed a real issue with most customers: companies can give good solid advice... on weekdays.... usually by email. That's what I did for years. But almost all my customers work on their spas on weekends. THAT is when they have questions and need help.
To address that I stopped handling income phone calls but to improve service I started offering Texting 7 days a week. When you get stumped... you text ME.
Often and helpful is to send a picture of the issue and ask "What do I do?". Or "what is this?" Easy and I will help.
I admit not all issues can be address on weekends or evenings. None of my suppliers offer such a service so if I don't have an answer I have to wait to contact them during business hours... on weekdays, and wait for an answer. But over the years I have seen about everything.
Who's Going to Help?  The owner of the business, ME.

On our C5 systems we include a specific help guide for your setup. I remember years ago when I was considering picking up a major builder of systems and installed their product into an old hot tub. Install went fine. Then I had to "program" the system to recognize what components this spa has (a normal operation for all electronic controls). I sat in the customers backyard and for about an hour kept beating my head against the wall trying to get the unit to save the setup. THEN... in a passing statement it mentioned a key component to program the unit. BOOM. Done. Operated fine.
I can only imagine a factory trained experience tech couldn't figure it out, how would a weekend warrior? BTW I stopped using their product because it is totally enduser unfriendly.
So we make it as easy a possible for you.
BUT... it does take time. But I'm honest. If you send me a picture of your control and pumps and one of your topside, I'll be honest what it will take on your part. But normally we are talking about 1-2 hours total. At the end of my career serving spas I could do almost everything within an hour. Plumbing was an exception. Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions... or text me.

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