Outstanding T7s and T8s Features

Topside displays real time.

You can set the length and time the spa's filters. No more 2am hot tub noise.

You can have the topside BUZZ each time something is changed or just turn that off.

You can lock temperature settings. No more kids changing the temperature hot or cold.

You can set the spa to ECON and it will only heat on filter cycle. No more paying for heat when you don't want it.
(This option does not apply to spas with a 24/7 circulation pump)

You can change the orientation on the Digital Readout at any time so you can read the topside from outside the spa or while inside the spa.


This topside widely resembles many common digital topsides. 

Uses United's Spa-Touch technology.

The topside has 6 buttons. Mood Light, Temp Up, Temp Down, Jet Pump #1 High/Low, Jet Pump #2 High, Aux/Air Blower.

Topside readout tells you what the control is doing when on such as heating and filtering. Also has lights beneath the digital that also tells you what is on.


The T7s requires a 1.75" hole to insert to.
The outer dimensions are 1 3/4" x 5". If your existing hole is larger you will need the extension placard.


Optional Upgrade
Not Available till Late 2022

This premium topside is designed for 1-3 Jet Pumps.

Uses United's Spa-Touch technology.

It has all of the robust options as the T7s but a more stylish look and larger.

Topside 3 3/8" x 6 3/8"


The T8s requires a space that allows THREE round 2 1/4" columns as shown.

Most existing holes on large old topsides with easily accommodate these columns.
The outer dimensions are 3 3/8" x 6 3/8". If your existing hole is larger you will need the extension placard.

    OEM Manuals for topsidesSee Here

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