Make Your Spa Like New

Replace your OLD controls with NEW

We offer United Spas controls at a great price. 

  • Our control systems are a complete system that brings you firmly into the 21st Century. Fully electronic. Ease of install. Configures to almost any style of hot tub.
  • We offer units that covers most configurations. We include a personalize help that will make your installation easier. Our customers report full installation in a morning's work.
  • Each unit comes with a factory warranty of one full year. Even out of warranty we stick with you with a fully inventory of repair parts and tech help.
  • Our topside control gives you a host of configurations. You can set time to start filter cycle, how long, and how many times. You can flip the digital readout so everything is easier to read while in the spa. And a great feature is you can lock out temperature changing so the kids can't change the temperature you set.
  • The control box is aluminum and built to last. If you purchase the cords separately they are color coded. As shown, the cords and wiring is plainly shown on the cover.
  • You get a manual for installation of the C5 and a manual for your new topside. And we are always a text message away.
C5 Bottom Heater

Heater On Bottom

The most common configuration.

Used on spas that use a main jet pump to pass water by the bottom heater and can have one or two more jet pumps and accessories.   SEE HERE
C5 Corded Heater

Heater On Cord

Very Adaptable.

Allows up to 4' distance between the control box and the actual placement of the heater. Heater is the standard 15".  SEE HERE
C5 Low Flow Heater

Low Flow Heater

Models Using 24/7 Circulation Pump.

Many higher end models use a continuous circ pump to heat and filter the water. It requires a low flow circulation pump. SEE MORE
C5 No Heater

No Heater

When you want to keep an existing heater.

Some customers have a new separate heater and only want the control system. This unit comes with the control system and cords attached to connect to heater, pressure switch, and OH sensor.  See Here
Rebuild Existing Control

Rebuild YOUR Old Control

We will rebuild your existing control box with new electronics.

Often the easiest repair. You send us your old control box, we remove old failed electronics and install new C5 electronics, sensors, and topside control.  More Info

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