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Replace Your Control System - - Electronic

Want to Get out of the OEM rut and into a more universal control system?

Our C5 System is Your Best Choice!

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For Hot Tubs With "U" Heater and Small 24/7 Circ Pump: Click Here

For Hot Tubs with Horizontal Heater and 2 Jet Pumps: Click Here

The Complete Clear Creek C-5 Control Unit with "U" and Horizontal Heaters.

You can replace your failed control box and heater with current generation C5

NOTE: Gatsby Division spas with canister heater can use this U Heater unit. The old canister is discarded and the circ pump reposition to operate using the new U style heater.

This is current technology design. It has a topside with full functions. It requires a GFCI protected circuit that does not come with the system. This unit also has ability to operate your #1 Jet pump with 1 or 2 speeds, a second and third jet pump. Up to THREE components when you are using 230vac incoming power plus your circulation pump if you have one.


T8s TopsideT7s Topside


Clear Creek's C-5 Series

What You Will  Have to Do: Remove the existing heater and control box. The water flows from the filter, through the circ pump or #1 jet pump, through the heater, and back into the spa. For either the U shape heater or horizontal heater the fittings are the same as you currently have. No gluing or altering piping is necessary.

Since each control box is configured to your needs, take care to enter the correct components at checkout. We program the C-5 to your specs. Although you can reprogram later, it will be easier for you if we do this before we ship.

With New C5 Control with either T7s or T8s Topside
Each kit includes instructions, operation manual, sensors, and electronic touchpad topside.
With New C5 Control with either T8s or T8x Topside With New C5 Control with either T7s or T8s Topside
C5 with "U" Heater (more help) C5 with Horizontal Heater  (more help)
$599.00+ $505.00+


Explain More... What do I do?

You replace your old control system w/heater, topside, temp sensor, and cords. You will have to do the following:

a. Remove existing heater and control box.

b. Keep your jets pumps and circulation pump if applicable.

c. Unit uses different style temp sensor. We include a new housing for you to install. Typically most install the new housing close to their access.

d. New cords to replace the direct to board cords.

CAUTION: This unit's "light" output is standard 12vac. This normally operates most LED systems. The "audio" output socket is a hot socket always ON. If your stereo system has no control from the topside but only needs a constant flow of current, you can attached your line to this power source.


How About Repair Parts???  We got you covered. See Here


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