You can either REPLACE your existing control system
SEND US your existing control box and we will install the electronic components into your box.

Replace Your Existing System

From This to That: Total price $529.00

Hot tub built around 1997. One pump. High flow heater. Dial topside. 

Problem: Electronics kept failing one after another and costly to fix.
C5 Installed
Replaced with C5 with a corded heater. For alittle over $500 they got a new control box, digital topside, and new heater. Only thing not replaced was pump/motor. For a little more than the price of a new pcboard for this unit they got a new everything and now a DIGITAL topside with full features.

Send us your old box
From This to 
That: Total Price $579.00

Tecmark Burned Out Control
Hot tub built around 1999. Two jet pump and one circ pump. Low flow heater separate from control box. Digital topside with few options. 

Problem: Electronic board burned lower right. Original manufacturer stop making this board in 2005. Can't be fixed.
Tecmark Control Rebuilt
Customer removed and sent old control to us. We removed all components except cord sockets and main power in terminal.

Replaced with current C5 components as shown. Returned to customer with new inside electronics, new topside control, and everything needed to install and start up hot tub. We even included HELP specific to that model spa. Typical customer install time of new control is 1 hour.

I weekend warrior's delight.
Fix it or Replace it???

Electronic controls for hot tubs has been available since the mid 90's. They worked great but now fixing those same systems is getting more expensive. The manufacturer keeps raising the prices on the control box pcboard and topsides and other components. Its not unusual to see topsides selling for $500 and pcboards for $800.  

When $500 and a little sweat makes sense to bring your hot tub into the 21st Century... we have the solution.

Enter the backyard warrior. Quite frankly, he's pretty happy with his hot tub and wants to keep it. Dropping $10,000 on hot tub that doesn't fit and isn't that much difference than what he has.... just doesn't make sense.

Here is where OUR Retro Kit by United Controls DOES make sense. With a little weekend work and us holding your hand via texting (yes, even on weekends) we can get it done. To determine if you have what it takes we will walk you through what it will take to get the job done. Email us or text us using the phone number on the top of page number what you have and sending some pics are great. We will give you an honest answer on ease of install. Of course you have to have a measure on experience and confidence with electricity and maybe plumbing (although changing much plumbing is rare). But we will give you a true expectation of the job ahead.

For most weekend warriors... its easy and the results are excellent... both in saving money and getting more years of life from their hot tub and probably adding some neat new features to their spa.

United Control

We only carry the United Controls systems because they have proved to be of the highest quality, full featured, and a company that hasn't become so oversized it ignores its customers. We expect you will have the same experience. 

Each C5 Kit comes with:

> The main control C5 box complete
> Digital Topside
> Topside Cord
> AMP cord for Jet pump #1
> Necessary sensor(s)
> Specialize instructions for YOU

Each Rebuilt Control Box comes with:

> The main control rebuilt with C5 components
> Digital Topside
> Topside Cord
> Necessary sensor(s)
> Specialize instructions for YOU

You Can Go Two Routes:
Rebuild or Replace


Rebuild YOUR Control

You send us your old control box, we remove old electronics, and install new C5 generation components. You get the old box back with new digital topside and sensors.
Easy to install with least effort.

United Controls

Replace the Complete Control Box

You get a new control, digital topside, sensors, and Pump 1 cord. You add on any other cords you need. You have a new system using your old pumps and can even reuse the heater you have.

This is what any system will get you.

  • Our control systems are a complete system that brings you firmly into the 21st Century. Fully electronic. Ease of install. Configures to almost any style of hot tub.
  • We offer units that covers most configurations. We include a personalize help that will make your installation easier. Our customers report full installation in a morning's work.
  • Each unit comes with a factory warranty of one full year. Even out of warranty we stick with you with a fully inventory of repair parts and tech help.
  • Our topside control gives you a host of configurations. You can set time to start filter cycle, how long, and how many times. You can flip the digital readout so everything is easier to read while in the spa. And a great feature is you can lock out topside from anyone changing the temperature you set.
  • The control box is aluminum and built to last. If you purchase more cords separately they are color coded. As shown, the cords and wiring is plainly shown on the cover.
  • You get a manual for installation of the C5 kit and a manual for your new topside. And we are always a text message away.

Fireside Thoughts from Bruce at CCS

Why or why not purchase a new electronic digital control system?
Let me address some objections. Read Here


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