How do you replace old with a new C-5 with a bottom heater?


Your Existing Control

Turn main power off.

**If you don't experience with electricity and plumbing you should have your repair man perform this operation.



Remove old control. This example the new and old heater are both 15" long which is fairly common.


Install New Temp Housing

In this example the spa didn't have a proper temperature housing available. Drill new hole in shell (we include instructions). About 6-8" below water level is good.

Install new housing included.


Install new C-5

This example we used the C5 with a corded heater. The existing heater placement was about 8" above the bottom of the control platform. Using the corded heater made installation a breeze.

The NEW generation is the mirror image of this install. The cord sockets are on the right wall. Incoming power is on the left wall. United changed the incoming power port because most control systems have their power coming from the left side or bottom left. The new mirror design makes it easier for most installations.


Install Temp Sensor

The circle area is the new temp housing you installed at Step 2. Once the housing is installed the new temperature sensor slides into the housing. The opposite end of the sensor has a simple plug into the side of the control box.


Install Topside

On many spas the T7 shown slides into the existing old topside hole. We also offer a larger placard that covers larger holes.

4 Wire Cord



The C5 comes with #1 jet pump (2 speed) and mood light cords. 

More cords are optional for more jet pumps, air blower, ozonator, and like.

NOTE: These are AMP plugs are shown. If you already have an AMP plug on your cord you might be able to reuse.

On models with older plug styles you will need to install the new cords or splice them into old cords.

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