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Either style topside will operate the C5 control box. The difference between these choices are the features.

Match your desired size and features.

  Standard T7 Topside
NEW T8S and T8X Topside
Upgrade Options
  Larger Images Here
  T7 T8S T8X
  1-3 Component Models 1-2 Component Models 1-3 Component Models
  2.5"x5" 3 3/8"x6 3/8"
Set Temperature between 40 and 104
Standard and Economy Settings
Digital Readout
Touchpad Controls
Daily Filter Cycles Including Duration
Real Time Display  
Exact Filter Time and Duration Control  
Reversible Digital Display  
Temperature and Settings Lockout  


NOTE: If your existing hole is larger than the requirement to mount either of these topsides, you can purchase a filler plate





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