Checkout C5 with Corded Heater

C5 Control From United
Best Value---All Bells and Whistles

Kit includes C5 control box (shown), T7s digital topside, topside cable, temp sensor, temp sensor housing (if needed), and cord for #1 jet pump. Also included are manuals and our own personalize help.
C5 Control Corded Heater

This Is What Comes With Our Kit

C5 Corded Heater Kit

Complete Control Box

Includes pcboard and heater

T7s Topside
T7s Topside

Digital Topside

Current generation digital topside with many personalize choices.

T7s Cords


Digital Topside Cord, Jet Pump #1 Cord,
and Temperature Sensor.  Included

Free Help

We Are With You

We offer free, specific help before, during, and after. All you need do is ask.

You Might Need

Our kit comes with ONE jet pump cord. If you have more components you MIGHT need more cords.
The C5 system uses the standard AMP style plug/socket. Note the end of the cord where it plugs into the control box. If your existing hot tub uses the same, you do likely can reuse your existing cord. If not, you will need to purchase one or both of the cords below.

3 Wire Cord
Upgrade Kit to T8s
Topside Control

Same features at the T7s but larger.
3 3/8" x 6 3/8"

3 Wire Cord
Extension Plate

Designed to cover over larger holes than the topside covers.

Actual size: 3 3/8" x 8 1/2"

3 Wire Cord
Cord for Pump #2
1 Speed

5", 14g 115/230v

3 Wire Cord
Cord for Ozonator

5", 14g 115/230v

We will be emailing you with specific questions about your hot tub including incoming power, number of pumps, etc.
This will allow us to provide specific HELP to you for your installation.

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