What Do You Get When You Buy The C-5 without a heater?

This Is What You Get

C5 w/o Heater T7s
C5 Control

Complete Control Box

Includes pcboard, sensors, and cord for your existing heater.

4 Wire AMP Cord
Pump One Cord

#1 Jet Pump Cord AND
Circ Pump Cord

Included free. 2 Speed, 4 wire cord. Other cords are optional.

T7s Topside


T7s is included in kit. You can choose to upgrade to T8s.

C5 Sensor and Cable
Cord and Sensor

Cord and Sensor

You get corresponding topside cord and temperature sensor.

C5 Control w/o Heater


Easy To Order. Shipping Included. Ships in 2-3 Business Days

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