Installation Help

The C5 comes pre-configured expecting the following:
a. Incoming power is 230v.
b. Jet 1 and Jet 2 operate on 230v.
c. All other components (if any) operate on 115v except Mood Light which is 12vac

To modify for your needs is easy. See following:

 IF YOU HAVE Incoming 220-240vac Power
Incoming230 220v-240v Incoming GFCI Protected Power
Blue: White/Neutral IF Present
Red: Line 2
Black: Line 1

Transformer plugged into 240v socket.

Setup 1: 4 wire incoming
a. WHITE wires connected to the Neutral Terminal determine what voltage will be applied to each corresponding componet. AS SHOWN all components will receive 110-120vac.
b. All white wires that are MOVED to this terminal will receive 220-240vac. Usually the C5 comes with TWO white wires at the Line 2 terminal, Jet Pump 1 and Jet Pump 2.

Bottom of picture shows the transformer is plugged into the 240v which is correct on any configuration incoming 220-240v service.

NOTE: NO white wires are plugged into the Line 1 terminal.
IF YOU HAVE Incoming 110-120vac Power
Incoming115v 110v-120v Incoming GFCI Protected Power
Gray/White Wire to Neutral
Black: Line 1

Transformer plugged into 120v socket.

Setup for Spas Operating on 110-120v Service
a. White/Blue wire connects to NEUTRAL terminal
b. Short 6-8 guage short wire connects Neutral to Line 2
c. Black wire connects to Line 1

Transformer wire plugs into 120v socket

If you ever upgrade to 220-240v, remove the short jumper from Line 2 to Neutral. Failure to do so will harm all components. Also move transformer power from 120 240v.

Installing Topside
T7s Topside T7s
5" wide and 2.5" tall

Requires 1.75" hole
               T8s Topside T8s
6 3/8" wide and 3 3/8" tall

Requires 3 2 1/4" holes

Both Topsides come with the same programable features

Standard or Economy modes
Actual real time clock displayed
Two filter cycles can be programmed with time of day and length
Choose Fahrenheit or Celsius
Sound response from topside when buttons press option
LOCK temp to stop anyone changing the set temp
Invert digital readout for ease of reading

You must confirm or change pre-set EQUIPMENT to match your needs. This is done on PL2 programming on your topside after you start the spa. We recommend you unplug all equipment before you turn the spa on for the first time to make sure the unit is configured for you setup.
See Page 12 to understand how to get to PL2
On Page 11 it shows the various configurations that the C5 can handle.

For those with hot tub built by Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath (1994-2002)
see here

        Display and Error Codes and their Meaning

Spa is filtering. Not an error. Will stop when filter cycle is complete.


Spa is Heating. Not an error.


Freeze Mode: Below 45O . Low speed will come on and continue until spa reaches 48. No other function will work. Not an error.


Water is over 116O. To reset turn spa off briefly and power up.


Heater sensor is heating above 118O Low speed pump will come on to cool down spa. Once below 103 you can hold temp sensor down 10 seconds to reset.


Temp sensor malfunction (sensor in spa wall)  Check connection is secure. Replace if is.


High Limit/OH sensor malfunction (sensor attached to heater) Check connection is secure. Replace if is.


Not enough water flow. Check filters and pump. If still occurs with adequate water flow, replace pressure switch. If no water flow replace pump/motor. If error stops when filters are removed, replace filters.


Warning: Although these systems are designed for ease of installation, not everyone is qualified to install.


OEM Downloads

T7StopsideT8s Topside T7s AND T8s CURRENT Topside Manual
Install Manual 2021 C5 Control Installation Install Manual
T7topside T-7  Small Topside Manual
See Here
T8Xtopside C-5 TX8 Topside Manual
See Here
T8oldTOPSIDE C-5 Large Topside Manual
See Here

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