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C-5 Help

Installation/Diagnostic Help

  Incoming Power Choices
120v 3 Wire 230v 3 Wire 230v 4 Wire














You MUST have either a 115v transformer installed for this application or the new dual voltage transformer and board shown below. Both Neutral lugs need a jumper wire. If you do not the control box will not come on.

You MUST have a 230v transformer or dual voltage board/transformer shown below installed for this application. Both Neutral lugs need a jumper wire to feed neutral and Line 2.

You MUST have a 230v transformer or dual voltage board/transformer connected to 230v socket shown below.. Connect wires as shown.

Results of this configuration

All components must be 110-120vac (except mood light which is always 12vac). Heater will turn off if Pump #1 is high or 2 components are on.

All components must be 230v. (except mood light which always remains 12vac)

Components can be either 115v or 230v. You configure each component by placing white wire at appropriate connection.


  Component Power Choices

The determining factor on what VOLTAGE goes to each component is set here. Neutral and Line 2 are the locales you plug each specific component wire into. Line 1 NEVER has any white wires connected to it.

NEUTRAL-115v: All components that are 115v only connect to this terminal. NOTE: On spas operating on 230v, you MUST have a 4 wire incoming power line to operate any components on 115v.

Line 2: Connect any 230v components to this terminal. (When incoming power is 115v, connect a jumper wire between Neutral and Line-2. When incoming power to C5 is 230v, connect Red or Line 2 to this lug and NO jumper is used.)

Line 1: No Components connect here. Line 1 or Black incoming power connects here.

  GROUND: The green or copper ground wire connects directly to the control box.


    Transformer Help:

  Old Style


Your transformer must match you incoming power; either 115v or 230v. The way transformers work is simple. The primary incoming power (115 or 230vac) is transformed into 12-15vac. The purpose of doing this is 2 fold. 1) the pcboard itself operates on 12vac. The transformer powers the pcboard. 2) The transformer also powers the mood light if you have one.

  New Style  

Unlike the previous transformer shown above, the new style transformer allows you use the same transformer on either 115 or 230v units. You simply match the plug-in to the board with your incoming power.


      Display and Error Codes and their Meaning

Spa is filtering

Spa is Heating

Freeze Mode: Below 45O . Low speed will come on and continue until spa reaches 48. No other function will work.

Water is over 113O. To reset either turn spa off briefly and power up. OR hold TEMP button down 10 sec.

Heater sensor is heating above 116O Low speed pump will come on to cool down spa. Once below 103 you can hold temp sensor down 10 minutes to reset.

Temp sensor malfunction (sensor in spa wall)

High Limit/OH sensor malfunction (sensor attached to heater)

Not enough water flow. Check filters and pump.


OEM Downloads

C-5 Board Diagram See Here
C-5 Control Box Manual See Here
C-5 Small Topside Manual See Here
C-5 TX8 Topside Manual See Here
C-5 Large Topside Manual See Here
C-5 Manufacturer's Warranty See Here


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