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Replace Your Control System

 OPTION B uses a Low Flow Heater. Low flow means a dedicated circulation pump operates usually 24 hours a day. This has a 3 fold affect; the heating is always constant, the circ pump is typically quieter, AND you have a constant cleaning/circulation of the water. The unit includes necessary sensors and cords to operate the unit with one jet pump and one circulation pump. We include specific instructions how to install and program your C5 and include help sheet to make your installation easy. (tour a C-5)

T7s Topside  T8s Topside
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Option #B comes with a "low flow" heater.

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C5 CL Front 

What is a "low flow" heater?

This model comes with the low flow heater attached to the back of the control box as shown. You will need to connect your low flow discharge from your 24/7 circ pump on the left side of the heater.
Incoming power from the house enters in the upper left corner of the C5 unit.    To Order Click Here

 C5LowFlowClean Shown is the backside view of the low flow heater. The heater itself has 3/4" barb fittings, industry standard. We INCLUDE in the kit 3/4" heater piping and adapter for those circ pumps with 1" barb fittings on circulation pumpe.
This kit is excellent replacement for many Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath Hot Tubs
Hot Tubs manufacturered by Gatsby Spas. 
CL Kit  What You Get:

a. Complete C5 control box
b. T7s Topside Control
c. Topside Control Cord
d. TWO pump cords. One for the circulation pump and one for the jet pump.
e. Adapter piping. Converts existing 1" plumbing to 3/4" plumbing. 


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