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Top Secret

Our Secret Way to Figure Out What's Broken


ELECTRONIC hottubs USUALLY follow a certain CLICK order. If you LISTEN, if can help you to know how to fix your spa.

The system goes through steps each time you apply power to the spa. When everything is OK in that step, it goes to the next step. You can HEAR each step by the closing of a relay or CLICK.

When you first turn power on, the board CLICKS. That shows you have power to the board. Between each consecutive Click, the board will either be doing a test or turning something on.

So lets start:

Caution: If you do not know how to use a volt/ohm meter or are inexperience or uncomfortable with electrical power, you should have a professional serviceman or electrician do these tests.

What Happens: Error Code: What's Happening? What Means? What Do?
No "click" when first turn power on Nothing on Topside Power Not Going to Board or Board Failure Power is either not coming into the spa or failed board. First check incoming power at the board. You MUST check the HOTS together. You should get 115v or 230v. If you get -0-, your incoming power is wrong. Also check fuses with a ohmmeter with spa power off.
One Click then nothing Sn, Solid FL or FLO, Blinking Heater Light After the first click the board is checking the sensors, the pressure switch, and itself. Something in this step has failed. First unplug one wire to pressure switch. Power up. If next CLICK happens, replace pressure switch. If not, compare resistance of Temp and OH sensors. If same and within range, then likely board has failed.
Two Clicks and then nothing Flashing FL or FLO, Blinking Heater Light The second CLICK is to turn the power on to the low speed pump. IF pump doesn't come on, its either the low pump motor, the 20, 25, or 30a fuse, or the board. With power off, check large fuse. Do this with power off and meter set to OHMS. If OK, turn on power and after the second click, check voltage to the low speed pump. On 1 pump spas, that is white and black and should read 110-120vac. On two pump spas that is the #1 pump. The cord to the #1 pump should read 220-240vac. If proper power IS to the pump and the pump doesn't come on, replace pump motor. If proper power isn't present, the board has failed; replace.
Two clicks and pump comes on but then nothing. Flashing FL or FLO, Blinking Heater Light The third click is the board turning on the heater. The Low speed pump should be on but the third click isn't.  Its either the pressure switch (likely) or the board (rare). To test the pressure switch, turn off power. Unplug the two wires to the pressure switch. Set your voltmeter to OHMS. Check the continuity of the switch by placing probes on switch wire. With pump OFF you should have -0- continuity. Turn spa on. After 3rd Click you should have full continuity. If either is not true, replace the pressure switch. If both are true, replace the board.
Three clicks, heater light is solid, but not heating. No Errors Just remember spas running on 115v only heat 1-2 degrees per hour. Spas running 220-240v heat 5-6 per hours.  If the heater is solid and the sensors are fine, it' likely the heater but could be the board. Turn off power. Set voltmeter to OHMS. With power OFF, place the 2 probes on the heater posts. You should get 10-15k ohms resistance. If no, replace the heater. If yes, Change the meter to 300vac. Turn on power. After you get the third CLICK and the heater light is solid, CAREFULLY place one probe on each heater post. If you don't get 120vac or 240vac then replace the board.
What is the 4th click?   The ozonator is being turned on   Ozonator on most models will NOT come on if you press any button on the topside. It will delay 15-60 minutes and then come on. This is to avoid creating ozone gas when people are present.

Caution: If you do not know how to use a volt/ohm meter or are inexperience or uncomfortable with electrical power, you should have a professional serviceman or electrician do these tests.




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