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Access Your Control Box

Your control box is the "brain" of the spa. Most often you find it below the topside control (command). The control box is where the incoming power from the house powers the hot tub. If you do not have experience working with electrical components you should not attempt to repair a hot tub. Most are 230vac, some 115v. But either voltage can be deadly.


Once you have the power to the hot tub OFF, remove the side panel to gain access to the control box. Remove the control box cover.


it will look something like this


In this example the power is coming from the house to the spa in the lower left corner


This example the spa is operating on 3 wire, 240vac. Shown are 3 wires coming from the house (left side of terminal). A green ground wire connects tothe box itself and in this example 2 black wires (on left side of terminal block).
To test the incoming power, with the power to the spa ON, carefully place a probe on each terminal lug (never one terminal and to ground. That will give you a faulty reading. Always Hot to Hot).
Placing the 2 probes shown above you should have a reading of 220-240vac. If you do, incoming power is fine. If you don't, you incoming power is at fault.

If you are operating your spa on 110-130vac you will have a black wire, white wire, and green ground. Do the same test and you should have 110-130vac. If yes, incoming power is fine. If no, incoming power is faulty.

On some models you will have FOUR wires coming into the spa. White, Black, Red, and Green. With that setup do the same test as shown above, Black to Red. You should have 220-240vac.

IMPORTANT: Its important to check your incoming power as shown. Test one terminal and ground will give you a faulty reading.

TEST SHOWS: If proper power is not present your power to the spa has failed. Contact an electrician.

If proper power IS present, test fuses. 

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