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  "I'm getting an error code"
What error code are you getting? Error codes USUALLY are GREAT! The board is telling you what it sees as a failure and why its not working. It's not always reliable but pretty good.
Below are lists of most common error codes and their meaning.

   Balboa Control Systems 1994-2001 (non-M-7)


Flashing FLO or FL means the board has turned on the low or #1 pump and doesn't see water moving. It will not turn on the heater.

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SOLID FLO or FL means the board sees a closed pressurer switch. This is typically a failure of the switch.

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OH comes on and spa does not operate.

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or or

One or both of the sensors have failed.

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Board sees COLD water and will turn on heater and jet pumps to increase water temp. USUALLY will flash with another code to indicate problem. But if not, there should be not reason other than resent water change that you will get this error. Its the board telling you it see and emergency but hasn't been able to correct.


Means the board see cool water, 20 degrees below what you have set the spa for, it will turn on spa's heater. Common to display when spa water is changed with cold water.


Board is on battery backup (only Platinum Models). Check incoming power.


  Balboa Control Systems 1996-1998 WITH Dial Temperature Control and NO Digital Readout
Heater Light is: This Means: How to Fix:
Heater light off more than on Lack of Flow Error Code

Flow Error

Heater light even on/off Overheat Error Code

OH Error

Heater light on more than off Sensor Error Code

SN Error

 Balboa Instruments Using M-7 Technology. 

Hi Limit Sensor Failure


Temp Sensor Failure


Sensor plugged into Jack A Failure


Sensor plugged into Jack B Failure


Sensors out of balance. May be temporary error.


Substantial difference between temp sensors Could be water flow issue.


Persistent Low Flow Problem


Inadequate water level


Lack water pass heater. Spa is shut down.


Prime mode. Normal. No action needed.


Interlock Failure


Unknown Water Temperature


Operating in Standard Mode


Operating in Economy Mode


Operating in Standard/Economy Mode


On Battery Backup


Water Above 112-118 degrees


Water Above 118 degrees in One Sensor. Shutting Down.


Water Above 110 degrees in One Sensor. Shutting Down.


Flow or Pressure Switch Issue


Water 20 degrees Below Set Point. Will Clear When Water is Warmer.


Potential Freeze Condition.

  Jacuzzi Hot Tubs 2002-Present
Failure of the High Limit Sensor

Replace OH/High Limit Sensor Go To Sensors

Failure of the Temp Sensor

Replace Temp Sensor Go To Sensors

Lack of Water Flow or Failure of Flow or Pressure Switch

Remove filter and restart. If returns, if you DO see water moving without pushing JET button, failure of flow switch or pressure switch, whichever your spa has. If you do NOT see water automatically moving when you turn main power on, then likely the circ pump. Rare occasions its the board.

Failure of Flow or Pressure Switch

Replace Flow or Pressure Switch. Go To Switches

Cool "Cool" condition exists. Temp 20 degrees or more below set temp. Spa is attempting to heat.

Automatic; Do nothing. Will stop when spa is heated.

Freeze Protection On

Automatic; Do nothing. Spa will turn on jet pumps to keep spa from freezing. Only panic if spa isn't heating.

Water is Above 112 degrees. Spa has turned on Low Speed pump in attempt to cool the spa

Spa automatically tries to cool spa. If water goes above accepted range, spa will shut down. Typically this means the board has failed and leaving heater on when it should not. If water and heater do not get hot but the spa goes into OH, either the OH sensor or the board has failed.

- - -
"Watchdog" mode

Most common cause is failure of the temp sensor. Replace. If that doesn't solve then likely a board failure. See >Watchdog

  ONLY On LCD Topsides:
Panel Sensors pressed to fast. Temporary deactivating

Slow down pushing buttons.

Circuit Board temp above normal. Shuts down operation until the board cools

Will reset when equipment area cools.

Panel connection/operation to board is faulty

Secure connects or in rare cases, either the board or topside has failed.

Failure of Temperature Sensor

Replace Temp Sensor.

 United Spas T-7, T-8s, and T-8x Control Systems

Spa is filtering

Spa is Heating

Freeze Mode: Below 45O . Low speed will come on and continue until spa reaches 48. No other function will work.

Water is over 113O. To reset either turn spa off briefly and power up. OR hold TEMP button down 10 sec.

Heater sensor is heating above 116O Low speed pump will come on to cool down spa. Once below 103 you can hold temp sensor down 10 minutes to reset.

Temp sensor malfunction (sensor in spa wall)

High Limit/OH sensor malfunction (sensor attached to heater)

Not enough water flow. Check filters and pump.

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